The Guru in You

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after the magic of the fall Guru in you program I am excited to announce the program will be back for winter with 3 options on how you can join! this group journey to find the guru in you will begin January 20th on the eve of the Lunar Eclipse!

One of the hardest parts of a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING is the FEELING OF BEING ALONE when in truth there are many others going through the same process. Often we feel as though we can’t turn to our family, friends or partners and those that are closest to us and we end up getting lost or giving up. Well, I am not going to let that happen to you.
I know how lonely it can be to go through an awakening or a remembering as I like to call it. It feels as though you are FREE-FALLING into the unknown. in this group setting we come together to create a security net so you can safely journey within. 

I have been where you are, trust me; while we each have a unique journey, many of our lessons are the same. I have struggled with an ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY when it comes to food, love and fitness. I pushed boundaries when it came to alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs. I lost my twin-flame to an overdose, I had an ex boyfriend arrested in my home, trust me the things that lead me here weren’t always pretty but each part of my journey is exactly why I am where I am in this moment. 
This 14-week program is a Spiritual Journey guiding you through your shadows and into the light. This program is designed to help you move through patterned thinking and BREAK DOWN WALLS you have put up in all areas of your life.
Using the chakra system as a guide we will use a combination of energetic healing, Holy Fire Reiki, mastery of the akashic records, Sound, Mantra, Meditation, Mediumship, rituals and more in order to balance your chakras and bring you into alignment. It is then that you will begin to quiet the noise and gain clarity by connecting with your highest self.
Life can get loud and this is an opportunity for you to spend the winter shutting the noise and gaining control so you can step into the New Year the way you envisioned.
In this group we will STEP INTO THE UGLY, look it in the face and WALK AWAY! It is ok to let go of your past. You are not your stories; both the ones you told and the ones others did.
It is time for you to take control of your life, you don’t need to wait any longer and you don’t need to be afraid. You are not aloneYOU ARE SAFE and you are here for a reason. It’s safe for you to want to figure out what that reason is.

This is how it works:

  • We start the journey January 20th on the eve of the eclipse

  • We will meet once a week via zoom video call (you can also dial in)

  • Our weekly video chats will help you kick off the week feeling FULL OF LOVE, CLEAR HEADED, INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to share your light and deepen your connection to The Guru in You

  • We will get clear on weekly and monthly goals. You will choose a goal for each month and each week you will take steps to get you to your goal. Our weekly calls will hold you accountable to sharing where you are at, what action steps you have you taken and what your next steps. I will be here to assist you in finding clarity as well as to provide guidance in helping you break through any blocks or resistance that may show up on your inward journey.

  • Each week I will introduce a new theme, these will be based around the chakras and where the collective group is currently vibrating. Topics will include: rituals, food, cannabis, plant medicine, duality, shadow work, ego death. The deeper the group is willing to go the deeper into the journey we will go each week.

  • We will have a PRIVATE Facebook group where you can ask questions, be cheerleaders for one another and have the space and safety of unleashing The Guru in You. I will post information each week as well as share sound baths and other video content here. This is a safe place for community support and growth.

What are people saying:

“Working with Lauren over the past few months has helped me gain more insight and direction to the person I want to be and have always been - more insight than most conventional therapy has ever provided me. Lauren is no bullshit and will take you as far down your spiritual path as you want to go. Lauren provides you the tools and support to dive in deep within yourself. Because of that, I have been able to face many of my demons head on knowing that I can easily look over my shoulder in case I need her guiding light to keep me grounded”

“Lauren’s magic is like nothing you will ever see or feel anywhere else. She has a true gift that she is passionate about sharing with others to help them be the best version of themselves. When working with Lauren, you not only receive a coach, but you get a friend who truly cares about you, your work, your life and your passion & purpose. Working with Lauren is a once in a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss out on.”

“Since I started working with Lauren I’ve been able to live in the moment and enjoy life more overall. She helped me work through grieving the loss of my father and dig out of a pretty brutal period of depression. I would highly recommend her services.”

  • This commitment is for 14 weeks and you have 3 options on how you can join!!!

    • Level 1 - $300 or 3 payments of $111

      • for the first time ever I am offering access to the online forum. I understand some of you are wanting to get your toes wet but are not quite ready to deep dive in so I am opening up access to join the online community. there You will receive access to weekly guided sound baths and energetic clearings, chakra worksheets, weekly card reading and more!

    • level 2 - $1,200 or 3 payments of $444

      • ready to dive deeper with weekly group support? you will receive access to the online group a weekly group coaching call as well as a 1 hour one-on-one mastermind session which can be used at anytime during the 14 week period. On these calls you have access to myself as well as a likeminded group to dive deeper into your work. I will be holding space for you in a higher vibration that will allow deep healing as well as energetic upgrades.

    • level 3 - $2,500 or 3 payments of $888

      • the final and most comprehensive package and my best deal to date is for access to the online community, weekly group calls, a one-on-one mastermind session as well as weekly one-on-one 45 minute calls to keep you aligned with your goals. In these sessions we can step into a energetic clearing as well as tap into the Akashic Records to receive any messages and/or confirmation you are needing as you begin to awaken The Guru in You.

  • Are you ready to awaken THE GURU IN YOU?! This program is for those truly ready to do the work. To schedule a FREE consultation to see if this program is right for you, click here