So in listening to this new set of baths something that came to me, was that I needed to be more thankful for the things in my life that keep me in check, you have truly opened me up to loving myself, these outside energies however influential with your guidance have been subconsciously pushed aside and I have been so true these past few months to the real me, that I feel like I could and will live and die, by the true me and be so happy in doing so, maybe I have never been happier, but I wanted to thank you for helping me believe in me, so much love for you and the good people in my life!
— Josh V.

Hey girl! Just wanted to send you some positive energy and to say THANK YOU for the amazing healing you did on me a few months ago. There has been so much positive movement and absolute freedom in my voice since our session and I am so grateful for the opening you allowed.

There are so many wins that I thought of sharing with you but I wanted to be respectful of your space and energy because I know a lot of other people are constantly sharing with you and that there are new people needing your energy and healing at all times.

So I don’t want to be greedy, but I wanted to at least reach out and say thank you, I appreciate you, I’m so grateful for your abilities and for your willingness to dive into those abilities and share them with others.

I woke up the other day so happy that I had the sensation that my body was floating. I had never felt like that before. There was nothing exceptionally exciting happening that day, it was just my way of being. I was free. It was brought to my attention in that moment that it was partly because of the work you and I did and that I needed to share it with you. It felt fucking Fantabulous. So thank you.
— Elizabeth Blake, Singer & Songwriter

For the past year I have been working on myself. In this year I have internally found happiness after a rough period in my life. I am happy to say I am now in the best position of my life. While I have been knocked down many times I realize its what you do when you get up. Creating restaurants is what I do and I love it. I have created a lot of successful ones and it only the beginning of this elevated journey. When you have the eye of the tiger to achieve your dreams and goals you work hard to enjoy life everyday. Lauren has helped me see the real me and do just that. Thank you.
— Josh Green, Chef & Restaurateur

I listened to your money meditation this morning before getting out of bed and made an unexpected $280 today!
— Ali C.

I had to reach out because I don’t know how I have gotten through these past few years without these sound baths, honestly I can feel the unwanted energies leave me as i listen, its like speaking to my truest self assuring me its ok to let go.
— Josh V.

This journey of 14 weeks of sound healing was life changing. The transformation that took place for me during this time was unimaginable in the beginning. This program cleared me out so deeply that what was left was myself, my truth, my voice, my heart. I felt like I was given back all parts of my soul I had lost along this lifetime and many others. I also worked with Lauren and did her unlock the magic program which was vital to my growth and expansion. I signed up during a very transformative time in my life and she helped me through it with ease and grace. I learned so much from these programs about myself and how to help others. Lauren that you so much I am forever grateful! Thank you for giving me my life back. The gratitude for you is endless.
— Deanna Pelillo, Healings by Deanna

The 14-week chakra sound bath journey was an incredibly powerful and transformative healing experience. By dedicating two weeks per chakra, I was able to explore the different behavioral patterns associated with each one more deeply (and gently) than ever before. I fully intend to listen to the recordings on loop indefinitely! Thank you Lauren for your crystal bowl magic, my path to healing will never be the same.
— Greta S.

When I first met Lauren we were both working in a luxury sober house in NYC. She was the healing chef and I was the wellness coach. Back then we were both very much in the mix of dealing with our own addictive personalities while still helping others transmute this energy in a positive way. I went on to travel and work more one on one with food and weight loss clients. Fast forward to 2017, I found myself in a very dark place. After just losing both of my parents I reached out to Lauren for spiritual support. My first session with Lauren was filled with messages from my parents on the other side and synchronicities that I just could not ignore. I continued to explore this connection between my physical reality and the spirit realms. Months later I returned to Lauren to adopt the healing modality of Holy Fire Reiki. Being a student of Lauren in her The Guru In You Program has been a beautiful journey of breaking down walls and stepping into the light. Lauren has helped me step back into and speak my truth as a healer. I am forever grateful for her unconditional love and support.
— Wanda Sanchez, Wellness Coach & Reiki Practitioner

To work with Lauren is truly a gift. Just looking back at who I was even a month ago, it’s like I’ve stepped into a completely different energy. I no longer operate from a place of fear, a place of lack, a place of scarcity, a place of anger and a place of guilt. I flourish from just the opposite: love, abundance, limitlessness, compassion, and gratitude. Each week was like opening the doors to another dimension, and let me tell you, you will not only be feeling it, but your whole reality will shift into that dimension. With Lauren’s guidance, we all rooted down what we needed in order to grow, and unearthed what we needed to heal and let go of. This allowed us to fly higher and higher each week.

Lauren is patient, compassionate, and incredibly even-keeled. There were moments when my world felt like it was ending, and she remained calm, steadfast, and laughed at times because she knew it was doing just the opposite. I just couldn’t see that with my eyes just yet! But now, I am. Lauren has taken us all to places I never knew existed, and I feel more trusting of myself and my intuition. I know how to grow and where I want to expand, I trust in the greater plan, and I know deep down to my bones who I am and what I am meant to be doing. We’re light workers, we have a gift to help people here, and Lauren helps us all to empower ourselves. No one needs to give you the permission to be who you are but you. And Lauren helps you see that.

This program is one that you could do again and again and again and you’ll still discover new things about yourself. You’re constantly growing and evolving, but within this program, it’s like at light speed! Thank you, Lauren, for holding space for us all and allowing us to root and blossom!
— Brittany Berlin, Founder The banana Diaries

I’m not sure how to put into words what the #guruinyou program has done and meant to me. I can’t exactly ‘review’ the strides I have made in my spirituality practice or the amount of self-discovery that has taken place in my life since starting the program. It is not like writing a review of the new Thai restaurant down the block on Yelp! But here it goes….

If I am being totally honest, I jumped into this program on a whim. At the time, I had just passed a milestone in my life which inevitably meant questioning EVERYTHING about my past/present/future; this also meant that I was ready to face my demons and heal my heart. I knew that I was on the verge of a significant - yet positive - life change. I also knew that my pursuit into the mystic was going to be hard AF and isolating; but it was unavoidable if I was going to be truly happy with my life.

The timing of Lauren starting this program along with my life revelations was something I could not easily dismiss. Before starting the program, I had seen Lauren for an individual Reiki session and I poured out my heart & soul to her. During this time we talked about some of my issues at hand as well as goals that I had set out for myself to achieve. It was then that she presented information about the program she was developing in hopes to provide a higher level of spiritual support for clients like me, i.e. someone ready to free fall into the unknown.

Working with Lauren over the past few months has helped me gain more insight and direction to the person I want to be and have always been - more insight than most conventional therapy has ever provided me. Lauren is no bullshit and will take you as far down your spiritual path as you want to go. Lauren provides you the tools and support to dive in deep within yourself. Because of that, I have been able to face many of my demons head on knowing that I can easily look over my shoulder in case I need her guiding light to keep me grounded.

Although Lauren is magnificent at helping others find their inner voice, I would be doing a disservice not to bring up the other spiritual voyagers involved in the program. The #guruinyou provides an amazing support group of women spread across the world searching for the same answers and reassurances needed to properly heal in our disconnected worlds. Since we started, I have not only seen myself grow as a person, but I have seen the weekly progression of other individuals going through similar journeys. It is one thing to grow on your own but seeing drastic changes within other people keeps me inspired daily. Without the love and support that my spiritual-sisterhood has provided me throughout this journey, my moments of clarity and self-discovery may have been delayed.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels like they may have taken a few wrong turns on their journey called life and needs to gain better perspective of who they are at their core being. Call it fate. Call it divine intervention. Call it whatever you’d like, this program is meant for those doing some soul searching and would rather not forge the road alone.
— Colleene Saenz

Lauren’s magic is like nothing you will ever see or feel anywhere else. She has a true gift that she is passionate about sharing with others to help them be the best version of themselves. When working with Lauren, you not only receive a coach, but you get a friend who truly cares about you, your work, your life and your passion & purpose. Working with Lauren is a once in a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss out on.
— Leslie McDonald, Founder, Balanced Life Leslie

Since I started working with Lauren I’ve been able to live in the moment and enjoy life more overall. She helped me work through grieving the loss of my father and dig out of a pretty brutal period of depression. I would highly recommend her services.
— Dan S.

Before Lauren came into my life, I hadn’t ever considered trying reiki healing. I’m an entrepreneur at a startup, and after one session with Lauren, my whole perspective on my business had shifted. I was caught up in fear and uncertainty, but since my reiki experience, it’s been much easier to feel confident in my strategic decisions. I was also able to purge negative energy and sadness that had been weighing me down. I can’t wait to see what comes across my path after continued sessions with Lauren.
— Molly Peckler CEO & Head Coach, Highly Devoted, Inc.

Before I met Lauren I had no idea what Reiki was. I honestly didn’t believe it could actually help me. It took me one short session to realize I was so wrong. I remember bursting out in laughter as Lauren cleared one of my chakras and crying soon after because of the intensity of the experience. It was like I was emptied of all the baggage that was holding me back from reaching my potential. In the session my ideas flowed freely for the first time in years and I discovered my true purpose. I felt healed, energized, and more productive than ever. Lauren is a natural healer and she changed my life. Her powers are real and palpable, and I am so lucky I found her.
— - Jessica Asaf, Founder, Prima & Cannabis Feminist

Laying down on Lauren’s couch, in her Santa Monica space, my heart was racing with anticipation. I had never experienced reiki before and my expectations were all over the map. I had no idea what was in store for me, I just knew that there was a reason our paths had crossed, and felt called to have this session. I am so grateful I trusted my gut and experienced something profoundly life changing. Within the first minute, I felt Lauren’s healing energy move through my body, opening up my chakras and creating so much powerful momentum for me. After our session and the angel card reading, I felt like I was untouchable. My entire body was vibrating. Lauren expressed to me how my throat chakra was incredibly blocked and that she spent a lot of time clearing it. I can confidently say that my communication and the way I articulate myself has shifted 180 degrees. I reflect back on the amazing things that have resulted in my life since pushing through so much fear and adversity and whole heartedly know that my sesh with lauren was an impetus for all this powerful change. I’m incredibly grateful for the gift of her healing and friendship.
— Sasha Perlman - Founder, Forward Experiential

“My first ever Reiki session was with Lauren and I’m so happy it was because it was an incredible experience. I knew I wanted it to be with someone who knew what they were doing and lived what they preached....needless to say, Lauren did not disappoint. Lauren was able to pin point which of my chakras were blocked, and worked to open them up. She also spent time with me at the end going over which crystals would be beneficial for me to get (which was very helpful because I was overwhelmed by which ones I needed!), and pulled an angel card for my year that completely summed up what I was feeling in my life at that point. Thank you Lauren for your knowledge, positive energy, and healing are so talented and I even feel the effects of when you work on me from across the country!”
— Lauren Bongiorno Diabetic Health Coach,Trainer, + Yoga Instructor

Lauren has a palpable energy that allows her to heal from near and far. She is able to energetically read a space or person and create a safe and comfortable space to clear tensions and make whoever she is working with feel at ease. I appreciate how welcoming Lauren is as she really takes ownership of whatever space she is in and hosts those to come to work with her. While in practice she knows what parts of myself I have closed off. As she works on opening the chakra she begins to align and connect parts of my body back into a whole being. I appreciate the intention setting before the practice and the debrief after. Lauren’s work with food and nutrition is such a unique and perfect pairing as she is able to recommend foods that will be beneficial for my bodies after working with each chakra and understanding what is lacking. I am grateful to find such a loving healer as Lauren is in my life.
— Jackie Mostny, Entrepreneur