Twin Flame Journey & Symbol Activations

Twin Flame Journey & Symbol Activations


If you are on the twin flame journey, I honor you. You have chosen a path that is not easy by any measure. Many will not understand what it is you are going through and thats ok, this is your journey.

The twin flame journey creates a rapid spiritual awakening as you are here with a very big purpose in this lifetime which is to truly bring heaven to earth. To create peace and be a baron of light for others.

I am on the twin flame journey and back on May 29th I channeled 5 symbols to be used for healing in this collective space. On the evening of August 6th I was guided to transparently share these symbols with another healer as well as guided to create this recording to share these integrations with the collective.

You know if this healing is for you.

Sending you much love and light on the deep awakening you are going through.

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