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Celery Root Soup

Over the last month I have been cleansing my body of heavy metals. I removed the permanent retainers I got 8 years ago after having reconstructive jaw surgery from my mouth when I realized they were negatively impacting my health and causing inflammation to my face and jaw as well as throughout my body since the metal was in my mouth and then spread through my system.

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CANNABIS... my story

I wrote this essay for an article a few months back. The original topic was changed and I wrote something new but I was still left with this piece. Over the last few months I have "come out of the cannabis closet" on social media, but I had yet to do that here because I wasn't quite sure how. And then I remembered this article. As I reread my words from a few months back I realized that this was the story I needed to tell, with a few minor changes I want to share a piece of my heart and story with you.

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Beach Day with Sprig

Cannabis soda... yes thats right I said cannabis soda. For once a soda with a purpose. I am a pretty strong advocate of no added sugars in my diet. For the most part I drink water and tea and now that I live in LA lots of witchy tonics (more on that later).

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