Relationship CleanTox

In life we have many relationships; family, friends, lovers, work and most importantly a relationship with one’s self.

Let’s talk about that last relationship, because the truth of the matter is, if you don't have a healthy relationship with yourself it is really hard to maintain all of those other relationships.

If you have read my story or know me personally you know some of my struggles. Well, this is what I have learned, and it is not something that happened overnight and it is still something I learn and remind myself of each day; BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND KNOW YOUR WORTH!


Life is not easy we have to work at it, but the truth is we are the ones who can choose to make it easier or harder. How you may ask? Do the things that feel right for you, make decisions you can and want to live with.

I have made some poor choices in the past, and if you are honest with yourself you probably have made some too. I have picked the wrong men and let them stay in my life long after I should have allowed, I have partaken in gossip which was not beneficial to myself or the person being spoken about, I have closed off family members who were only looking to help guide me, and I have hurt myself by choosing to engage in binge drinking and pot smoking.

Yes, that’s right people, these are my realities and I write it here because I am not scared anymore. I am not afraid what people think anymore, because the truth of the matter is only I have to accept me, if you want to judge me then take a look at yourself and see where that judgement is coming from. Likely you have your own work to do.

I field many phone calls, most recently on Friday from people wondering why others are so judgmental of them, or why they can't let go of people who do not lift them up and the truth is because it is easy to be unhappy, it is easy to let these things consume us. What is hard, moving on and moving forward and letting go of the past and present and stepping into your future.

So I leave you with this today, be true to yourself, be kind to yourself, be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself; if you don't, who will?


Lauren Courtney