Summer CleanTox Tips- #3 - Kale

For the past few years Kale has really been trending, but it seems that people have finally realized it is here to stay! Kale is one of my favorite vegetables, it is very versatile and packed full of vitamins and nutrients.


So you may ask, what can Kale do for me? Well, let me tell give you a quick rundown:

  1. It will pump you up! Iron is essential in all of our diets, and would you believe that Kale is higher in iron then beef (guess those vegetarians are onto something!)

  2. Cancer fighter -High is vitamin K, carotenoids and flavonoids this leafy green will benefit your overall health in many ways.

  3. Weight Friendly - Low in calories and fat, high in fiber, this green will keep you full for longer then most and it won't cost you a days worth of calories.

  4. Keep the Swelling Down - 1 cup of Kale contains 10 % of your daily Omega-3 Fatty acids; not only do these acids fight inflammation, but they also fight asthma and auto-immune disorders.

  5. Bones, Eyes, Lungs oh my! -Packed with Vitamins A and C, Calcium, Fiber and Sulfate... you will receive benefits to your vision, lungs, immune system, bone strength and so much more.

kale and greens.jpg

I could continue to go one and on, but I think you have the picture by now... KALE = GOOD!

Here are some of my favorite Kale Recipes and uses:

Now, there are all different kinds if Kale, be sure to try them all, they vary in texture and flavors and it’s fun to experiment with them all!


Lauren Courtney