Intro to Oils

As a Holistic Health Coach I am always looking for natural remedies for common ailments. I have used essential oils on and off for years but never knew the deep benefits they can offer a person. In the last few months I have learned a ton of information while enrolled in a DoTerra internship program.

So, the reason I have not talked about these oils with you guys sooner is that I hate to push products that I sell, I rather guide you and answer questions you may have. So why now... well the truth is people keep asking me about oils, what my favorite are, where do I get them, what do I use them for.

Truth be told when I started using oils Lavender was my main staple, and it truly still is. I have had trouble sleeping for many years. Truly I always needed something to assist me and it was not a healthy practice to be taking a pill, smoking pot, or having a drink, I wanted to learn how to just sleep, and lavender has helped me do just that!!!

At night, when I get into bed I rub a little oil on the souls of my feet and place a drop on my pillowcase. As soon as I lay down and inhale the scent I instantly relax and its not long until I am sleeping. I know I know how can that be... truly I don't know the answer, I just know it totally calms my body and allows me to shutdown and relax!

In addition to using Lavender as a nighttime sleep ritual I also use it in a bath, I miss it into body cream, and I use it on a bug bite to help calm it and it truly works! As someone highly allergic to mosquitos you can trust me on that one.

So what other staples do I have...

Peppermint - I love to put a dab of this onto my clothes, it wakes me up, keeps me alert and relaxed. It is like ADD medication for the holistic minded. I also love to rub it on my ears and scalp for a scalp massage, add it to shampoo and body lotions along with lavender, and I love to rub it on my stomach when feeling sick, takes that feeling away rather quickly.

Lemon - This one is stellar, I love to add drops to a glass of water or place under my tongue to prevent colds when I feel them coming on. I also enjoy using this oil in a diffusor for mood elevation.

TerraShield - This is my new staple for summer. As I mentioned I am highly allergic to mosquitos, I am talking one bike and swollen for days and in the doctor’s office for steroids. As I have gotten older the allergy has gotten worse so I am very excited to have found this oil in time for summer. Prior to wearing it I got two bites this Summer (and it isn't even summer yet) They were huge and caused my calf and ankle to blow up. Well this past weekend I tested the oil, I was outside from 3-10pm on the water, there were bugs out in full effect and I can safely say I walked away from the night with no bites!!!!

Peppermint Essential Oils.jpg

Want to learn more uses for my top oils, check out these 110 Uses for the Starter Kit (Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon) and should you want to order your own starter kit which includes a 5ml bottle of each oil as well as a list of uses and a CD to go along feel free to email me at If you have questions feel free to reach out. I promise not to push sales on you, just happy to share my experience with others.


Lauren Courtney

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