Flower Power

We are back and coming live from Hint of Greens HQ post Union Square Farmer's Market shopping. For this installment of SuperFood Saturday I am bringing you a cute little green packed with protein and vitamins.

For those of you wondering why this blog is titled Flower Power wait no more... todays SuperFood is... Sunflower Greens (and the crowd goes wild!)


I have been loving these things for a few years now (Need proof, check out my old blog post from 2011). I pick them up at Windfall Farms (Chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen fame shops with them too) each week and have them handy to add to salads or just to snack on.

Ok, time to get to business, here is what you need to know about this SuperFood:

  • 20-25% protein

  • rich in vitamins and minerals

  • great source of lectin which breaks down fatty acid, that alone should have you eating them

  • according to Ayurvedic nutrition, these bad boys can help clear your lungs

  • great for pregnant moms

  • filled with zinc

Did I mention they taste good too? Don't believe me, go find out for yourself!


Lauren Courtney

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