Beach Day with Sprig

Cannabis soda... yes that’s right I said cannabis soda. For once a soda with a purpose. I am a pretty strong advocate of no added sugars in my diet. For the most part I drink water and tea and now that I live in LA lots of witchy tonics (more on that later).

So when Sprig was brought to my attention I was intrigued. Sprig is a carbonated beverage with a citrus taste that contains 45g of THC per can. WOAH!!! I know quite the dose. The idea behind sprig is to share and enjoy your can so what better place for me to try it out then during a day at the beach with one of my girlfriends.


I grabbed some ice, a can of Sprig, club soda and some fresh grapefruit and headed to the beach. I mixed up two cannabis cocktails for my friend and I and sipped away. Sprig alone is a bit to sweet for me but the addition of club soda and some fresh grapefruit settled the sweetness and also allowed me to ingest the cannabis at a slower rate. (I hear they are getting ready to release a sugar free version)

While sipping on the cocktail I noticed how at ease I felt, granted looking at the ocean on a sunny Sunday afternoon is pretty relaxing but Sundays are also a busy day for me. I like to get my meal prep taken care of, set up my schedule for the week ahead and be in bed early; but I found myself smiling and soaking up the sun with no worry in mind.

I stayed in this elevated space for about an hour and a half, during that time I planned my menu for the week, splashed around in the ocean, enjoyed a homemade lunch and caught up with my friend in a much more elevated way. We discussed our goals for business over the next few months, partnership opportunities and more. There was never a lull or a time that I felt over medicated.

With edibles I have learned that less is more, start light and you can always build where as you can not reverse a high (unless you have CBD on hand, more on that later).

After 3 hours a nice high at the beach I was still able to head to the supermarket and shop for my weekly meal prep, though the actual cooking did not happen until Monday morning, but hey it happened and I got to have a fun Sunday and good food for the week. Soul food is just as important as actual food.


Lauren Courtney