Cannabis with Intention

It took me longer then I imagined to share this post, not in the physical sense, when I was ready to write it all poured out, but emotionally, it was a long road.

I have been consuming cannabis for just about 20 years of my life, it is mind blowing for me to even consider that fact, but why? Why is it so mind-blowing when cannabis is a healing plant? Growing up in the age of DARE programs and commercials letting us know that using drugs would fry our brains, cannabis was portrayed as the gateway drug, something forbidden and not to be used.

 As you will learn through this journey, I have had all sorts of levels of relationships with cannabis, from assisting me with dealing with ADD medication as a teenager to helping manage pain after surgeries, and now to play and channel energy in high vibrational ways. But let me not forget to mention the days I would spend smoking blunts numbing away pain I didn’t understand, smoking before meals “because it will taste better” even though the smoke changes your taste, and of course the many hours smoking throughout college and for a few years after that were keeping me in a holding pattern. It’s not that I wasn’t growing but it’s as though my life was in a freeze-frame.

 Of course my cannabis consumption was not the only reason for this standstill that also had to do with spiritual dimensions I was not aware of because at the time I was using cannabis to numb myself without even knowing it.

After my last serious relationship ended I had my first “come to Jesus” moment: I was seeking an answer, I wanted to understand why my relationships had similar traits and at this moment I told God I wanted to fix whatever was in me that needed to be healed so I could be whole on my own. I just knew this was what was needed so I listened and in that moment I heard ‘Kundalini Yoga’ and the next day I began going.

 What does this have to do with cannabis you are wondering? Well I was at a class one day and I had a conversation about using cannabis and I heard that it could block my third eye and that those who follow kundalini don’t use cannabis. In that moment I knew it was time for me to take a break. I wasn’t sure it would be forever but I decided on 40 days of kundalini and 40 days without cannabis.

It was much easier then I imagined to give up cannabis, I had just been in a relationship that was well, a smoke show so it felt good to clear my head and my home. At day 40 I wasn’t in a rush to smoke again, nor was I in a rush to stop using kundalini in my life. This was my first spiritual tool, Kundalini Yoga and breathing! That’s right, I began to learn to breathe on my own for the first time.


Cannabis trickled back into my life but in a more respectable way. I began vaping instead, and when cannabis oil came onto the scene somehow it found its way to me.

At the time I was working as a private chef in Manhattan and I would use cannabis at the end of the day to relax. I was no longer consuming during the day. I found that smoking flower truly was too much for me to handle during the day, but a puff of sativa oil had me feeling up and energized to begin my day.

Two years into this new relationship with cannabis a very close friend of mine passed away. We had dated while I was in college and for a period after. There was no one like this man in my life through many trials and tribulations I was by his side. The reason I share this is that the day he passed away he began communicating with me. Now as I mentioned earlier I was not a spiritual person by any means. I had seen the Long Island Medium after my grandfather passed and while it interested me I didn’t think much of it, but in this moment I somehow knew that I had seen that so I would be ready for this moment.

So imagine, I am 32 years old living this “normal” life in Manhattan and all of the sudden my friend passes away and begins communicating with me. It wasn’t regular communication it was clear guidance and messages.

The first part of this communication led me to Humboldt County, CA the home of cannabis. When I arrived here I was in a place where I was still honoring my respect for the plant but I was lost emotionally I felt as though no one could understand what I was going through. My friends and I weren’t the most spiritual, my family was even less spiritual at the time and I was crawling out of my skin so when the trip to CA all lined up I knew it was for a bigger purpose.

I spent 3 weeks in nature and a quiet peaceful energy, which I didn’t have, living in NYC. My version of peace in Manhattan was kundalini classes, spin classes and sound baths and with these new message from above I couldn’t help but understand that my purpose here in this lifetime was much bigger then the box I had put myself into, in NY we call that a studio apartment.

While spending time in Humboldt cannabis was readily available for me, this was before licensing and regulations went through. Needless to say it was plentiful and really eye opening. Not only did I have the opportunity to tour multiple farms but I also decided to spend a day planting in a greenhouse to really connect and understand the process. And so began my deep dive into the cannabis industry that moved me out to LA to work with and around the plant as her voice.  


I don’t take saying those words lightly, like I said it took me quite some time to write this because I knew I had to be in full respect of the plant and full understanding while also knowing I know nothing at all. Everything I have learned from the plant has been received from my connection with her. While I have learned science about the plant, which I believe is important for the research that needs to be done, my relationship with the plant is spiritual in nature.

While living in LA I worked as a spiritual advisor to a cannabis brand showing them the way in which the plant should be showcased. Before the project went into production the universe suddenly had plans for me to move out to Miami but my plans with cannabis hadn’t changed but the timeline had. The universe was asking me to me take all of the knowledge I had gained in my year and apply it to my own life. My entire adult life has been about learning a tool, mastering it and then sharing it.

This past year was what seemed to be my masters program in spirituality and with that cannabis consumption. This was the year I was truly brought into awareness of the vibration of the plant and her ability to help you connect to the light and receive source energy. This of course is not something we are learning from doctors or dispensaries and that is why the plant has asked me to share my journey so others who may be having similar experiences can feel a little less alone.

In this moment cannabis and are I continue to be great friends and have a lot of respect for one another, I listen to her when she speaks; she is a female plant with a lot to say after all. For the past year I would typically smoke to connect with my spirit guides and loved ones as well as to tap into a creative space. As a matter of fact I had a joint next to me throughout the writing of this document. I share this as a reminder that cannabis users are functional members of society. With that said, I wrote this over 4 months ago and now as I get ready to enter yet another level of relationship with cannabis it is only now I am being asked to share this along with a 21 day FREE journey to assist you in defining your relationship.

For 21 days we are going to journey with or without plant medicine. I personally will be THC free during the 21 day journey and onward of 33 days.. This is an opportunity for you to get real with yourself. These 21 days are about you, you are the one waking up and going to sleep with yourself, so let’s make sure that it’s a self you truly love.

Get yourself a new journal to begin this journey you will use it well after the 21 days. This will be your accountability system with yourself.

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