Spiritual Message of the Day - Topic: Dating

Don't date down because you feel bad. You are a Queen, maybe you don’t always feel it but you are, so treat yourself as if you are in a kingdom.

Who do you see next to you? What type of kingdom do you have? What does your King do each day? What do you enjoy together? 

One thing is certain, you should never have to hide anything from your King. He should be the one person who understands all of you. I'm talking all of the crazy weird pieces too. 

We are so quick to judge ourselves and others before we even begin dating, and in a world of dating apps I am not sure it easier on anyone.

So what if instead of judging someone or something you created your perfect reality.

What does it look like? How do you feel? How do you dress? What do you drink? What if you created all of that and then sat down to a dating app and swiped? What if you created that energy for yourself and then went on a solo date?  is it possible you may see higher vibrating matches or met someone out in "the real world"

I would like to think so...

Let me know how it works for you.


Lauren Courtney 

Lauren Unger