My New Home

Wow! We have finally made it to our new online home. 

You may remember me from Hint of Greens, my first blog and website that was the stepping stone to my journey into food, health and wellness. What started off as a blog to motivate me to cook and nurture my body took me on a crazy journey. 

That website led me to leaving corporate america, becoming a holistic health coach, a private chef and eventually a reiki master and medium. Of course there were many steps along the journey but that small intention set me on this amazing journey. 

After years going by Hint of Greens I was guided to go by my name, let go of food blogging for the time being and focus on spirituality and healing. With only a little kicking and screaming I waited until after midnight during a full moon and lunar eclipse to switch my Instagram handle and purchase this new domain. 

So here we are, at our new home both online as well as in Miami. A fresh start, a blank canvas and a chance to share whatever I feel called to share. 

My plan is to bring you weekly card readings on Mondays to offer you guidance each week, I will bring back a recipe a week of course themed with a chakra and all of the health benefits. Other then that I am going to share more with you here. Instead of my daily journaling sessions I am going to begin writing to you guys. 

Opening up to the spiritual word was a wild adventure down the rabbit hole. It is a personal journey and one that can be both exciting and frightening. My hope is that my sharing will make your journey a little easier and a lot more fun!

Its official, I have arrived. Looking forward to sharing all of the new adventures with you here (and perhaps some fun old stories from this year too!)


Lauren Courtney 

Lauren Unger