Everything is NOT Always as it Seems

As we approach the end of 2018 and get ready for 2019 I feel called to share on a deeper level. Throughout much of this year I felt called to share more in depth but I found myself feeling called to my journal and away from my blog and with that I surrendered and knew when the time was right to share I would.

Last New Years I spent in Hawaii, what a blessing to travel to such a beautiful location and ring in the New Year somewhere so filled with Magic. The trip was a a gift that came unplanned and I didn’t think much about it, I chose to go with the flow because hello, HAWAII and also I love a new experience.

I couldn’t have predicted what was to come. I entered into this home with thoughts in my head of a relaxing vacation, a time to decompress, journal, rest and swim in the ocean and watch sunsets. While that was the case for me it became clear that the intention of the other guests in this house was to party. Listen, I have had my share of partying and fun but this was on a level that took me outside of my comfort zone.

I reminded myself each day that God had sent me there; I had never been a festival goer and this was the closest I had come to the experience. Seeing people enjoying afternoons on ecstacy, servings of GHB in the evenings and sprinklings of acid it was as if I was in a movie and just watching it all unfold.

To the outside world I was living in up in Hawaii but my internal world was becoming chaos. Each morning I would go for a walk, tap into kundalini yoga and pray for answers. I asked God over and over why was I here. After losing my best friend to an overdose I just couldn’t understand why I needed to be there and see this so close to home, and it was then that I realized I needed to see this so I could let go of my fear of losing someone (knowing very well that the soul is with us after it exits the body) as well as to be able to guide clients in a new way.

You see, I spent 3 years working as a chef and coach in the recovery field but I had stepped away from coaching for some time as I was honing my new skills as a Shaman and was not sure if I would re enter coaching but I realized after some reflection that coaching was what I was meant to do and I was receiving a whole new toolkit for the job.

I was here in this house watching these souls escape there physical bodies, watching these humans let go of there souls so easily to come back at a later time.

When we consume substances we enter a gray area where the soul often leaves the body as it does not feel safe and during that time other souls may enter the body and take you for a little joyride. This is something that can also we done in safer ways through Astral Travel and spiritual work and thats when it truly clicked you are here to help show others how to reach feelings of bliss without the use of substances. This was my opportunity to see the duality of my work. To see the places people go and how they return.

The truth is I will not judge anyone on the substances they use but I will always recommend you take time to integrate whatever you may have learned whether it was on an acid trip, a journey with mushrooms or even through a spiritual conversation with cannabis. It is imperative to ground yourself after any sort of self exploration.

So on this trip I learned many lessons; I learned to be quiet, to listen, to observe, to integrate, to pray in times of discomfort and to follow my intuition. My intuition brought me to Hawaii, my own fear almost took me away but I remembered each day that I was safe and protected and that I was there for a reason. It was a hard serving of medicine to swallow at the time but I am forever grateful for it as it opened me up in ways I most certainly needed.

And that was only the first week of 2018….