Open your Ears - New Moon Activation

Hey friends!!!

I wanted to chat with you a bit about diet, addition, stress, sadness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, loss and whatever else you may feel on a daily basis.

The truth is you are not alone, on more levels than you can imagine. Trust if you have stumbled upon this blog post it is because there are angels guiding you.

With the internet we are subject to being involved in the day to day lives of others; we are consuming content at an alarming rate and many of us as empaths pick up that energy and take it into ourselves.

Before I understood that I was an empath I scroll online or would go out and at times feel ill and this could show up as tightness in my chest, pain in my abdomen and when I was unbalanced it could lead to me blacking out. I say this not to scare you but to tell you I have been where you are. I have looked to others for answers over and over and no one had them for me.

There were times in my life when I struggled with food addiction something which is all to common in society and is bleeding through the internet, I struggled with alcohol consumption I only knew enough was enough when it was too late and I have suffered with love addiction and that is because I did not truly love myself.

From the outside I seemingly had it all but on the inside I was falling apart. Other people could see my light but I had no clue I was too busy letting others use my light.

What I have learned along my journey is that we each have special and unique gifts to share with this world, there is no need to compete or worry because what is mine is mine and has always been mine and the same goes for you.

On this Scorpio New Moon I want to share this guided journey into the Healing River of Live with all of you. It is time for you to begin hearing your voice. It is time for you to allow yourself to let go and be free with who you are. This healing is set with the intention to open up your ear chakras and clear out any noise; this could be from parents, lovers, friends, bosses, negative self talk and much more. This healing will also tap into ancestral lines as well as past lives.

It is important to remember that the more open you are the more you will receive, I can only share the medicine, it is up to you to take it.

With that said I present you with Open your ears in the River of Life. If you are using a phone this will take you to the WeTransfer app.

Enjoy your journey and know that you can come back to this anytime. The river is within you, I am just the guide to get there.

If you want to dive further into the ear chakras you can check out this article I wrote for Mind Body Green.


Lauren Courtney