Thank You NYC

For the last 11 years I had the same address and one I was so proud of for many reasons.

At 23 years old with the guidance of my parents I invested in my first home. It was the most perfect studio apartment in Gramercy Park looking over what was once the backyard of Pure Food and Wine. 

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Lauren UngerComment
Everything is NOT Always as it Seems

I couldn’t have predicted what was to come. I entered into this home with thoughts in my head of a relaxing vacation, a time to decompress, journal, rest and swim in the ocean and watch sunsets. While that was the case for me it became clear that the intention of the other guests in this house was to party. Listen, I have had my share of partying and fun but this was on a level that took me outside of my comfort zone.

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Celery Root Soup

Over the last month I have been cleansing my body of heavy metals. I removed the permanent retainers I got 8 years ago after having reconstructive jaw surgery from my mouth when I realized they were negatively impacting my health and causing inflammation to my face and jaw as well as throughout my body since the metal was in my mouth and then spread through my system.

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Banana Chia Pudding

Instead of focusing on the food we eat I try to focus on the body and what it is asking for and why. As a reiki healer I work on clearing the chakras and balancing energy, and with that I like to feed my chakras. Our body can feel imbalances it is just up to us to quiet the noise in our heads to allow ourselves to hear what it is we need. 

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