lCU Glow Up your Chakras

an 8 week 1-on-1 program to

bring you deeper into your

awakened state

program Details:

this 8 week program encompasses spiritual coaching as well as energetic healing so you can take healing into your hands.

Together we will clear out your energetic and emotional body from root to tip. Through the use of holy fire reiki, shamanic clearing rituals, mastery of the akashic records as well as sound and other healing tools we will awaken your spiritual body and create the space for your soul to feel safe to come out and play.

Whats included?

  • 8 weeks of 1-on-1 sessions

  • 8 coaching calls with energetic clearings

  • 8 weeks of recorded sound healing

  • email support throughout program duration

Course material

Week 1: Root (safety and security)
Week 2: Sacral (creative center)
Week 3: Solar Plexus (free will and gut)
Week 4: Heart (self love)
Week 5: Throat Chakra (voice)
Week 6: Third Eye (vision)
Week 7: Crown (connection to source)
Week 8: your truest self has arrived

the Rundown

Each week you will be sent a sound bath to go with the the chakra we are working through along with details on the chakra. This healing will be to cut old cords and patterns as we work from the root to crown. 

The goal of each week and the overall program is to clear old attachments and patterns which may be keeping you “stuck”. While working with me I hold space for you in the 3rd heaven (this is what we call it in Reiki, this is a place of pure light energy straight from source). You will notice new synchronization in your life. People as well as places and opportunities may disappear while new people, places and opportunities line up in there place.

As open as you are and as deep as you are willing to go is as far as I will take you. This journey is as eye opening as you want it to be. 

These 8 weeks will go fast! Get ready for an exciting ride!!

I will only be working with clients truly ready to dig there heels in and do the work, we will have a consult to be sure this program is the right fit for you.

Energetic Exchange - $1650 | 2 payment of $850 |3 payments of $600

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