You are invited to join me a super sacred offering that I am incredibly excited to share with you. One of the hardest parts of being a solo-preneur is getting the consistency, accountability and the emotional support you need to keep going and GLOWING even when it’s hard. After hosting Unlock the Magic & The Guru in You, I saw the MAGIC of having weekly support in all these areas. In The Guru in You, I was reminded of how powerful women connecting in groups with the intention of growth was. Together we are able to keep cheering each other on, hold ourselves accountable to our goals, feel that sisterhood and support with each other and be in a container where my guidance can hold you and usher you along on your path. I know that women from both groups were blown away by the progress they were able to make with this special container and I personally, was blown away by the growth I saw and how much it lit us all up!


So after much reflection, I’m overjoyed to invite you to the “lCU Glow Up Program” — are you ready to grow your businesses and share your light with the world.


This Glow Up is different than any of my other offerings because it is specifically targeted to SEEING & SHINING YOUR LIGHT — aka growing your business and your audience (social media, mailing list, etc). I’ve found these subjects intermingle with the other work I do but I knew there was a big need for a focus specifically on this — because what we focus on EXPANDS. 

Sometimes being spiritual and heart-centered keeps us lean from CHARGING CLIENTS, or focusing on growing our audience (and/or clients, customers) because it feels too “cold” for us. THIS IS BULLSHIT.  And it’s holding us back from sharing our GOOD, In this program you will learn your worth and begin to receive all that is yours.

The lCU Glow Up will be a place where we can be unapologetic GLOW about how far and wide we want to share our service centered work and take my spiritual approach to both 3d and 5d strategy.


Okay, I could go on forever because I’m sooo crazy excited for how EPIC this is going to be but let’s dive into logistics!



We start Mid May (Likely May 12th or 13th because our calls will be Sunday or Monday —- time and day will be decided based on voting from members)


You will get PRE-WORK to sink your teeth to jump start you and get your wheels spinning around where you want to go with your business and what growth goals you have for our 12 weeks together.


We will meet once a week via zoom video call (you can also call in)


The weekly video chats will help you kick off your week feeling ENLIGHTENED, EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED to go spread your light and make some moves! 


We will get clear on our weekly goals and monthly goals and FOCUS in on these 1-3 SPECIFIC goals to help you make intentional progress. Our weekly calls will hold you accountable to sharing where you are at, what actions (both IN THE 3D AND 5D) you’ve taken each week and what your next step is. I will also be there to help you find clarity and provide guidance around what those actions might be if you need help as well as aide you in tackling any resistance that comes to the surface as you begin to up level and get to a new frontier in your business.


Each week I will also spend sometime on our call providing you with new strategies and insights based on what’s coming up for the group. Each week you will walk away from our call with a tool to put into practice including taping, sound healings, journaling exercises and more.


I am tempted to offer this program for a full year (so know there is the option it could be extended) but for now this program will be 12 weeks at the cost of $1200. (Option for 3 payments of $444)


** This invitation is for YOU and I’m inviting people in a specific order to carefully curate the group and make sure that the people I feel strongly about have the first chance to join. That being said, I would love to hear from you ASAP (like next 24-48 hours) if you want to snag a spot. The group will be intimate so spots are limited and I am inviting in small batches. You are part of my first group of invitees because I adore you (obviously!) so feel free to email me back with any questions or let me know if you want to hop on a call to clarify anything. **


If you are a YES THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR (and I hope you are!) then please fill out the attached questionnaire (which has more program details) so I can have a log of where you’re at your goals and your time/date preferences for meetings. 


YAY!! Can’t wait to watch us all of us grow our businesses, our impact and our joy exponentially this summer!