Enlighten Yourself

a 14 week guided sound healing journey to clear your chakras and connect with your truth


Born From the Guru In you program, I present to you Enlighten yourself. a 14 week journey through sound, Energy Healing & meditation to assist you in taking off the masks of your past and stepping into the truth of your future. It is time to remember who you are and awaken your truest self.

hi, my name is lauren and I am a holy fire reiki master, sound healer, certified holistic health coach, spiritual guide, chef and so much more and that’s in this lifetime alone. through my spiritual awakening i have learned my abilities to be that of a shapeshifter and if you have found yourself here on this page it is likely that you too are a shapeshifter. Someone that can move between situations, places and relationships with ease.

You have had multiple careers that somehow all string together but you cant yet find the common thread, you find yourself in similar relationships repeating patterns because you want to help everyone and at the same time you are not helping yourself. sound familiar? Well then I am glad I stopped repeating my patterns and began sharing my truth with the world! This program will change everything for you, all you have to do is be ready!

“This journey of 14 weeks of sound healing was life changing. The transformation that took place for me during this time was unimaginable in the beginning. This program cleared me out so deeply that what was left was myself, my truth, my voice, my heart. I felt like I was given back all parts of my soul I had lost along this lifetime and many others. - Deanna P.

Intention is everything in life and in this program. My intention with each recording is to provide you with the deepest healing and energy clearing. To hold space for cord cutting, ancestral and past life healing and the release of patterns, control and much more. in order to receive the benefits all you as the recipient need to do is set the intention to receive.

Energy and Sound healing is medicine. just like you would folow a dosage given to you by a doctor I ask that you treat this medicine in the same way. we work through our 7 main chakras aka energy centers two weeks at a time in order to spend one week doing deep healing and clearing and the second activating The new high vibrational Energies.

the journey begins at the root chakra and we work our way up through the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. We are clearing out your energetic and physical body from root to tip, you can view it as an energetic full body makeover. truth be told you will be amazed the way this work will change you inside and out.

WHat you receive:

  • 7 chakra worksheets

  • 7 chakra healing sound baths

  • 7 chakra activation sound baths

as a reminder, these healings should be treated as a serving of spiritual medicine and with that you should follow the 14 week protocol. After those 14 weeks you are welcome to come back to any chakra you feel called to, but first we must clear you out and remove the masks you have created in each area.

“The 14-week chakra sound bath journey was an incredibly powerful and transformative healing experience. By dedicating two weeks per chakra, I was able to explore the different behavioral patterns associated with each one more deeply (and gently) than ever before. I fully intend to listen to the recordings on loop indefinitely! Thank you Lauren for your crystal bowl magic, my path to healing will never be the same.” - Greta


“In listening to this new set of sound baths something that came to me was that I needed to be more thankful for the things in my life that keep me in check. You have truly opened me up to loving myself, these outside energies however influential with your guidance have been subconsciously pushed aside and I have been so true these past few months to the real me, that I feel like I could and will live and die, by the true me and be so happy in doing so, maybe I have never been happier, but I wanted to thank you for helping me believe in me, so much love for you and the good people in my life!”

-Josh V.


First and foremost what i want you to know is this program is not going anywhere. It will forever be available in my online store as this is some of my most important and transforming work to date. In addition the price will not change, but I will from time to time offer discounts as guided.

So what is the cost? $333 (over a $2500 value!!!!)

and thats not all, for the first 11 people that purchase this program I am offering $111 off!!!!! all you have to do is enter iamready at checkout!!!

My goal is to make this work accessible for all who are truly ready to receive it.

that brings me to my last important message. IF you are currently unable to afford this opportunity email me about a donation opportunity based on your situation. this is not something I have publicized in the past but I feel it is very important in this current time to share this. if this is you please email me lauren@hintofgreens,com - if this is not you do not take advantage of my good nature or the opportunity for others who may not be able to access the work without my gift. and if you know someone who may need this work be sure to share this with them as well.

“I don’t know how I have gotten through these past few years without these sound baths, honestly I can feel the unwanted energies leave me as i listen, its like speaking to my truest self assuring me its ok to let go. ” - Joshua V.

What are you waiting for? as you peel back the heavy winter layers remember it’s not just the sweaters that weighed you down. Make a change to enlighten yourself today, you are the only one standing in the way of being your truest self this summer and for lifetimes to come.

And remember, if you want to go deeper with some one on one coaching as you embark on this journey that is an option as well.

Sending much love and light.


Lauren courtney